Thursday, April 1, 2010

MLB 2K10

MLB 2K10 is not perfect by any means, (Professional Athletics) but it has one thing going 4 it and that is 4 me it's fun and immersive. (Total Control Pitching) Well that would be two things going for it.

There are a couple of detractions that remind (Total Control Pitching)you that MLB 2K10 is just a video game. The fans in the stands don't (Batter's Eye) look so hot. I mean they don't look terrible when compared to (Total Control Pitching) the card-board cutout fans in MVP Baseball 2004/05, but they don't look natural either. Some of the players and managers aren't (Batter's Eye) rendered as well as they could have been. Charlie Manuel, the Phil's skipper, (Cooperstown) looked more like a zombie wearing a Phil's uniform. (players, and venues) Conversely Cub's skipper, Lou Pinella, walked out to the mound like a ninety year old man who (Refinements) had just had a prostate exam. They should have rolled him out there in a wheelchair. (better-playing game) The animation was that bad.
The pc graphics are the best of (Professional Athletics) the bunch regarding this game over the various platforms, (Cooperstown) nothing revolutionary,but very good running maxed out on an ati 5850. (Batter's Eye) The game recommends a 3GHzdual core CPU in its Recommeded System Requirements. (Total Hitting Control) BTW pick yourself up an Xbox 360 controller if you really want to enjoy the game. 80/100
Best Regards, Abhishek Barthwal