Friday, March 19, 2010

The Movies: Stunts & Effects

The Movies: Stunts & Effects is an expansion pack that adds stunt men and stunts to the game, as well as new visual Effects, props, sets, costumes and more.
Review Score: 7.7 | Release Date: Jun 6, 2006Media Fire Direct Link

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

Command & Conquer 4 is the conclusion to the 15-year Tiberium saga featuring multiplayer modes and co-op play.
Review Score: 7.0 | Release Date: Mar 16, 2010Media Fire Direct Link
-Unlocking Password-
-Extracting Password-

Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited is a street racing game that lets you drive licensed cars and motorcycles on 1000 miles of Hawaiian roads and highways.

Review Score: 7.5 | Release Date: Mar 20, 2007Media Fire Direct Link
-Mega Pack-
Media Fire Direct Link Part 1
Media Fire Direct Link Part 2

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening for PC is the first expansion to the award-winning single player RPG, Dragon Age: Origins.
Review Score: 8.0 | Release Date: Mar 16, 2010Media Fire Direct Link

Alice in the wonder land

This video game is based on the upcoming Tim Burton/Disney film Alice in Wonderland.
Release Date: Mar 2, 2010Media Fire Direct Link

METRO 2033

METRO 2033 is a sci-shooter set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world which combines action, horror, and role-playing game elements. 

Release Date: Mar 16, 2010

Media Fire Direct Link

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Release: 2010 | English | PC | Developer: Bigfishgames | 100 MB
Genres: Hidden Object

Having just moved into a new Victorian House in New England you discover the residence has been abandoned for years after a young girl named Alice mysteriously disappeared along with many other children in the surrounding area 10 years prior. As you explore your new home you discover Alice’s room. After finding the key and entering you find a sparsely furnished room. As you approach a full length mirror you recognize the image of Alice from the newspaper you found downstairs. Distraught she is pulled into the darkness behind the mirror screaming “Help me!” Discover the truth behind Alice’s disappearance as you explore Wonderland. Uncover the reasons behind the disappearance of the other children and help unravel the cause behind the darkness that has befallen Wonderland.
Find your way through Wonderland by solving puzzles and finding object that will help you on your journey. Pair up with many of the known characters in Wonderland as they try to point you in the right twisted direction. Navigate connected locations that will give a sense of exploration. Find out the truth behind Alice’s disappearance and work to save her from the dark and warped world of Wonderland.