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Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown

Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown (PC) | 794 MB
Genre: Historic Turn-Based Strategy

play as Robin Hood; as you start the game, you’ll be defending Sherwood Forest from the Sheriff of Nottingham. This first portion effectively serves as a tutorial before you take over the entire region of Nottingham and eventually go to war with the lords in the other areas of England. The reason the entire island is in turmoil is that King Richard has been abducted and is up for ransom in Austria. Richard’s evil brother, Prince John, has declared Richard dead and seized the throne of England for himself. You are tasked with gathering up enough money to pay Richard’s ransom, raising armies of your own to fight for control of each of England’s counties, and eventually attacking Prince John and overthrowing him from his seat of power in southern England.

At the start of every turn, you’ll collect taxes from your counties; the more counties you control, the more money you bring in. The gold you collect you can use to raise armies for your campaign forces or county garrisons, to build strongholds on your provinces, or to partially pay off King Richard’s ransom. If Maid Marian is around, you can send her to spy on an enemy province, which will give you a permanent look at the troop strength in that territory. Once you’re done reinforcing your army or your defenses, you will have a few basic choices. You can go on a raid in one of your enemy’s provinces, you can hold a joustingtournament with Sir Ivanhoe serving as your proxy, or you can attack a neighboring province with your army to bring it under your control. Each choice opens up a different minigame.
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown Tech Info
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Atomic Planet Ent.
Genre: Historic Turn-Based 
ESRB Descriptors: Suggestive Themes, Violence
GameSpot Score: 7.0
Minimum System Requirements
System: 500MHz CPU or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Hard Drive Space: 250 MB
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